RPP-A 125

RPP-A 125



Universal gripping of round and angular workpieces with two parallel gripper fingers for handling with robots or portals.


Available from sizes 50 to 160, each in two stroke variants. Optionally with gripping force safety device and/or dirt cover. Fastening of the gripper fingers via tongue and groove.

  • High gripping force with low dead weight and compact design
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to versatile connection and fastening options
  • Long service life and high reliability thanks to specially ground base jaws in proven T-slot guide
  • Centrically clamping in compact design made of high-strength, hard-coated aluminum alloy
  • All functional parts made of hardened steel for maximum service life
  • Wedge hook principle with pneumatic actuation (hydraulic actuation available on request)
  • Position monitoring with inductive or magnetic position sensors
  • Optionally available with FKM seals for higher temperatures up to 150°C (on request)
  • Integrable purge air connection to prevent contamination
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  1. 434847 In stock
    RPP-A 125-2/GA, Parallelgreifer, große Greifkraft, Greifkraftsicherung Außenspannung
  2. 435036 On request
    RPP-A 125-1, Parallelgreifer, großer Backenhub
  3. 435037 On request
    RPP-A 125-2, Parallelgreifer, große Greifkraft
  4. 435039 On request
    RPP-A 125-1/GI, Parallelgreifer, großer Backenhub, Greifkraftsicherung Innenspannung
  5. 435040 On request
    RPP-A 125-2/GI, Parallelgreifer, große Greifkraft, Greifkraftsicherung Innenspannung